Write the Thank you notes

Write the Thank you notes – ‘Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.’  When Miss Thomas wrote the above, it’s likely that he didn’t have wedding thank you notes in mind.  However, as a gesture of your gratitude, they are essential, and our tips should help you get it right.

Divide The Load.  It’s likely that you both had relatives and friends at the wedding (at least we’d expect so!), so ensure that you share the writing of the thank you notes.  The groom writing to his guests and the bride writing to hers would be the simple way to do so.

Personalise as much as possible.  If someone’s taken the time to purchase you something really special, then they deserve more than just a generic thanks.  Write in the card just how much you’ll enjoy using the gift, and thank them personally – you won’t regret doing so.

Be gracious and polite.  It’s likely that you’ll get one or two gifts that you’re not a fan of – it happens.  Simply be polite and express your gratitude that someone thought of you on your special day – this way you’ll obviously be grateful and will avoid offending anyone.

Thank everyone.  Believe it or not, you’ll probably receive a gift or two from people you’ve never actually heard of!  Ensure that you reply to these people too: even if they are just a friend of a friend, manners cost nothing!