a) Find out if another wedding will be held at your
church or synagogue that day or the day before your
wedding. If so, you can contact that bride and find
out if she would like to share the cost of the flowers
with you.

b) After the ceremony, arrange to have the flowers taken
to the reception location.

c) Instead of a full bouquet of flowers for you and your
bridesmaids, carry one or two dramatic flowers instead.
They look just as elegant and the cost will be 
significantly less than full bouquets.

d) Try to use flowers that are in season. 

e) Use garlands of ivy or evergreens for decorating, 
instead of flowers - it's less expensive and can be
used to decorate doorways and the front of tables.

f) Use potted plants instead of cut flowers. In fact,
if you start early enough, you can grow your own
flowering potted plants.