Wedding Favors That Fit Your Personality…

Wedding Favors That Fit Your Personality – Brides and grooms, for decades, have been giving wedding favors to their guests as a small gift to thank them for honoring them on their wedding day, as well as a memento to take home in remembrance of the occasion. It was also believed that the bride and groom and anything they touched, were lucky – so wedding favors were a way of spreading their luck.

In the past, wedding favors have been anything from a small packet of Jordan Almonds or a boxed up piece of groom’s cake to elaborate handkerchiefs embroidered with the happy couple’s initials. Popular wedding favors today still include the candy-coated almonds, as well as chocolates, mints or other candy, miniature bottles or wine or sparkling cider, candles, picture frames, bells, or handmade keepsakes.

While many couples fret over what to give as favors, don’t let this decision get the best of you. Take some time to think about what fits yours and your fiance’s personalities best. Maybe the two of you are sentimental and want to give a personalized item with your names and wedding date so that guests can be reminded of your special day; or, you’re traditionalists and want to honor the age old tradition of giving tiny packages of Jordan Almonds to symbolize the bitter sweetness of your new life together; or maybe you’re the creative and want your favors to be hand-made; or maybe you want your favors to reflect your uniqueness with a favor that you’ve never seen at another wedding; are the two of you sports fans? Maybe you want your favors to reflect that sport such as Personalized Golf Balls. So whether you’re sentimental, traditional, creative, unique or sporty, any item can be a memorable favor, if it’s a true reflection of the two of you and your memorable day. They are a nice personal touch when the wedding favors have a significant meaning for the bride and groom.

If you decide to make wedding favors yourself, be sure they are completed well in advance of your wedding day. And make it easy on yourself by purchasing decorative items such as personalized favor tags or other favor decorations that can simply be added to your clever idea.

Wedding Favor Ideas

There are so many options for wedding favors, that the possibilities are endless. We’ve put together a list of our favorite favor ideas to help make the sometimes daunting task of selecting a favor, easier! Remember, it’s not how much you spend on your favors, it’s how much thought and care you put into showing your guests your love and appreciation.

  • Give individually wrapped packages of Personalized Tea Bags for guests to drink and savor the next morning
  • Bottles of Personalized Hot Sauce
  • Chinese Takeout Boxes to hold wedding-themed Fortune Cookies
  • Silver Wedding Bells that guests can ring in your honor
  • Personalized Mini Hershey’s Bars
  • A memorable photo of the two of you in a pretty Picture Frame
  • A cluster of metallic Jordan Almonds in a favor holder such as a sheer favor bag or decorative box
  • Engraved Bud Vases to commemorate your day and hold fresh flowers when your guest take them home
  • Personalized boxes of Mints
  • Personalized Golf Balls to save as a keepsake or shoot a hole in one!
  • Colorful Amorini Chocolate Hearts packaged in Glassine Envelopes with a Personalized Favor Tagattached
  • Having a beach wedding? Use Scallop Shell Favor Holders to hold your favorite treat
  • Rice can be lethal to birds. Instead, give your guests Designer Heart Wedding Rice to toss on the new Mr. and Mrs.