If we think about of a wedding album

The old concept of photography… If we think about of a wedding album,  the first images that appear, to our minds, are the photos of the newly-weds with their relatives in plastic poses, immages of guests unnaturaly happy that, pressed between the couple, try to show their best profile, in the camera, in front of the photographer.

It’s possible to think about a new just married couple

It’s possible to think about a new just married couple, posing with love, with languid glances, like in a photo-novel, and the photo effects of undoubted taste. In these pictures the photographer would like to obtain expression and shoots which transmit messages like “I love you my love” while the eyes are saying something similar “Oh my god how I fell ridiculous” or more “What harm these new shoes!” ecc…

This is the reason why I was away from photography of marriage’s world.

I noted in this typology of work, a money-making machine taking advantage of the “pink” atmosphere of the moment, trusting in the fact that the bride and bridgeroom, although foolish as in the worst trash film, in the photos of that fateful day they will find themselves forever fantastic, they will never confess to have some ugly photos, they were not able to choose a photographer able to day so long awaited and planned. Their friends then, not allow themselves never to say: “Mom what a ugly photos!” and for this reason many photographers of country that work on weddings, have continued and continue to persevere in their carnival photos passing them off as art in total silence of relatives and clients. Exploiting the emotion a bit like those vagabonds in front of the hospitals that, taking advantage of the weakness moment of those who goes to visit their sick relatives, play himself suffering to cause in an unawere pedestrian an emotional motion that from the head and the heart goes directly to the wallet.

Wedding reportage

I have hated for years this type of photografy until the day I said to myself: why don’t I try to do something different? A sort of matrimonial reportage where the shots represent what really happened, where relatives appear real, as they are, where the couple are taken in natural poses while toasting, fall down, laugh and look at themselves with true affection.

There is not most beautiful thing that cath a true glimpse, a sincere emotion, the weeping of grandmother sitting in the front row of the church as the couple exchange rings, the little bridesmaid that picks her nose right in the midst of the holy function, the best men exicet to keep from crying look up in all directions.

How to get spontaneity

It is important that the couple familiarizes with me and my equipe and of course with my camera, if they want something like this, and for this reason, I gift them a premarital service, as reminder of their engagement, but for me and my equipe it is a very important moment to start a foundamental link with them, understanding in this way their requests, preferences and establishing a great spontaneity, having fun and joking around.

Follow, when possible, photos of the bride during the try of her Dress, when, surely, the expressions are real. In fact, I would like to avoid unrealistic photos where they, embarrassed by the camera, modify the facial expressions, becaming unrecognizable.

The great day begins with the backstage and ends late at night…

For me it is very important to creat a parallelism, in the wedding day,  between the preparation of the bridegroom and of the bride. In this regard the undersigned will follow the steps of dressing, make-up and hairstayl of the bride while an assistant will do the same with the groom and then meet at the entrace of the church or the municypal building and he continues the work during the ceremony where a photographer will follow the rite and the other (or the others) will devote themselves to try to steal some shots of excited relatives and other “goodies” in a wedding as i understand it can not miss.

Obviously after the ceremony, if the bride and bridgeroom want, we can take artistic photos, but always according to waht was said, i.e. the search of spontaneity that, after many meetings, will not come to miss.

Photos by: Weddings in Odense

We will take photos

We will take photos, with relatives and witnesses, during the day or during the “natural” moments revealed to my camera, or through particulars snapshots, certainly out of ordinary, that usually I agree with the guests and the new married couple at the moment. The report will go on to the end of the day try to immortalize the last moments, often the most amusing.

Video yes! Footage no!

These same considerations for a wedding video.

How many of you will ever happened to spent endless half-hour to friend’s house to look long footage in which the ceremony was proposed almost in full? Whole works spice with musics already outdated? This is exactly what i a want avoid.

The product that we offer is fresh, young, elegant and studied ad hoc for the married couple: Generally our videos do not overtake the 12/15 minutes, they are full of emotion and they tell a story with flash back. We also offer the additional solution of the video in 3/4 minutes that you can also show to your friends from your phone, tablet or social network. In both cases, 13 or 3 minutes, you will be surprised in to see how lack nothing, from the preparations at the end of the party and you will be pleasantly surprised from as trough the accurate choice of music and images, the memory of the day will appear you full of emotion and always “up-to-date.

The principal purpose

The principal purpose is in effect that one to bring in video the taste of the whole day and to regain strenght the sensations of the moment: from initial anxiety to the emotion of I do to up to the fun of the party passing through the trow of the bouquet, the cut of the cake and for unexpected episodes that can happen and worthwhile to remember as for istance the bride that slips from the staircases ,the horse that doesn’t starts, the groom that trown in the air in an “hip hip” a bit risky he does not recouped and he ruinously falls to the ground, the bridesmaid that forgets the wedding rings, the couple’s car that stops because someone does not gas up it etc..also these moments are “unforgettable”.

High level of professional competence at a fair price!

If it’s true that the perfect wedding doesn’t exist, as they say, I’d like to believe that at least the perfect wedding service exists.

I assure you a professional, modern, high-quality product at a fair price.

The trick of my success is that I don’t consider my job as a trouble; photography is my passion and it’s always a pleasure to give my best.

For this reason, some professional collaborates with me; we take up the challenges in order to get our job better.

We want to delight our clients; their gladness is the most gratifying result of my job and it lets me to give always my best.

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